Dear partners,

Every two years, Romanian Association for Security Technology - ARTS used to invite you to one of the major marketing and PR events in the field of security technology in Romania, respectively ROMANIAN SECURITY FAIR - the international exhibition dedicated to security systems and services. This year, we are going through a period with many uncertainties and difficulties in our field of activity and at the same time, we are witnessing of confirmed or potential changes that are ready to enter our lives more suddenly than we imagined. Unfortunately, interesting projects developed by the ARTS team were stopped when public events were banned. But the digital environment has completely changed people's perception of online events and suddenly, it has become a safe and fast place where we can continue to communicate and actively participate in the process of change and transformation.



In these new trends, ARTS organizes between October 21-23, the Expo-Conference e-ROMANIAN SECURITY FAIR 2020, a virtual event dedicated to security systems and services, hosted on the My Connector platform. This year's edition is a special one which bringing together innovative and very active exhibitors in the national market of security technologies and services, but also companies from abroad willing to exhibit their products, solutions and get in touch with Romanian companies, with entrepreneurs and Beneficiaries from our country and from everywhere.

We can say that the event approaches the "change", a prefigured theme since the beginning of the year, but it comes with initiatives outlined around current challenges and with updated projects in line with the transformations and contributions of the industry during the pandemic. Therefore, the exploration areas of the exhibition is focused on security and fire alarm technologies, surveillance and video information processing closely related to the development of hardware and software infrastructures, concepts such as "deep learning", "artificial intelligence", IoT, Cyber-security and not lastly, solutions for Smart Cities. Also, the increasingly efficient and secure access control systems, biometric identification, perimeter control and security systems, communication systems, monitoring centres, burglary systems and high-performance detectors will certainly be on offer from exhibitors.

As the need for education and dissemination of information remains critical, as most people or companies do not face such knowledge or information in their current work, the exhibition will be accompanied by a conference designed to help raise awareness of security issues. The topics of the conference are oriented towards security and safety in pandemic conditions - changes in current activity, crisis management and medical emergencies; current technological trends in video and thermal surveillance, access control, fire detection and alarm, cyber security, RADAR, LiDAR technologies; modern security services and the role of professional associations in current issues.

Even if our wish, of all, is to return to the usual events, in which we can communicate face to face and be close to each other, we hope to have you close to this virtual event, during the three days online and broadcast LiVE on our Youtube and Facebook channels.

We’ll waiting for all of you, integrators and installers of security solutions but also from other services related to security, specialists, beneficiaries and competitors, to be with us at e-ROMANIAN SECURITY FAIR, as confirmed partners and interested in the security industry, but also as active participants in creating new synergies between people, companies, associations, institutions and public opinion.



ARTS President


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