Romanian Security Fair, 2018 Security Technique Biennial, organized by the Romanian Association for Security Technique in partnership with Romexpo on 18-20 October 2018, is expected with great interest by exhibitors, most of them considering the most important event from the company's marketing calendar.

So far, more than 50 companies from Romania and around the world, from countries such as Croatia, Hungary, Italy or Poland, have confirmed their participation at Romanian Security Fair 2018.
Zucchetti Romania representatives will be present at the Romanian Security Fair 2018 with a new wave of innovative products and technologies developed and designed by the company "for today's and tomorrow's entrepreneurs" and hoping to see as many visitors interested in its novelties as possible.
KMW Systems wants to "interact with as many security specialists as possible to present their new Dahua technologies and solutions, but also to take the pulse of the industry and identify market needs." Promoters of KMV Systems also believe that Romanian Security Fair 2018 offers a good opportunity to "bind long-term collaborations" and "find out which are the novelties of other players in the market."
Extremely interested in the quantitative aspects of participation in the Bucharest security fair, Croatians from Alarm Automatika doo consider the exhibition to be one of the effective channels to present their solutions and give them the chance to get at least 500 new contacts, which means a strong point to further expand its business.
Many of the participants in the 5th edition of Romanian Securiy Fair consider the event as an essential element in their marketing and sales strategies. Representatives of KMV Systems say that Romanian Security Fair is the main event they attend this year, being "the most important channel used for direct interaction with existing and potential customers, a top event in 2018 marketing strategy."
WIND ONE Romania considers the security biennial as "a top event in our 2018 marketing strategy, due to its notoriety, recognition of professionalism, number and quality of exhibitors and visitors."alarm_automatika
Also, ROTTNER Security Romania believes that "the exhibitions are among the top 5 marketing tools and methods to attract new customers and to strengthen the relations with current clients", expecting the presence of many security sectors: "Risk Assessors, Risk Managers, Security Products Distributors, Representatives of the Authorities" to present their products as well as novelties in the Mechanical and Physical Security.
And Zucchetti Romania makes participation in Romanian Security Fair an "important event in marketing and sales strategies" because it offers them the opportunity to become visible and more accessible to all who want to know more about the new technologies in the field of security.
For Alarm Automatika d.o.o, the participation in Romanian Security Fair is essential because, as the representatives of the company remarked, this is the only specialized exhibition in the region!
KMW Systems thinks that the Romanian Security Fair is "the event that should not be missed by anyone in the security industry because it brings together a large number of specialists in the field, being an ideal space for networking and building new business relationships". The company has had a positive impact on previous editions.
In the same context, for ROTTNER Security, Romanian Security Fair 2018 represents the place where they can have "a valuable feedback regarding the direction of the market" and, last but not least, where they can "expand their professional network of contacts".
10 years after the first edition, the Romanian Security Fair continues to be the place where the latest developments in the field of security technique are presented and where the latest technologies, innovations and development trends will compete, trends that will mark the security industry in the following years.
WIND ONE Romania representatives consider that we are witnessing an exponential development "by moving from a human-technology approach to a data-based one, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, which will eliminate errors, increase the amount and accuracy of information generated, and repetitive and high-risk aspects will be taken over by the artificial intelligence."rottner
Zucchetti representatives believe that in the near future we can expect "cognitive" security systems, massive harmonization of new technologies so that security systems become part of the company's management systems. "
Also, KMW Systems draws attention to an aspect that basically changes the "rules of the game" regarding obtaining and processing personal data by the companies, because "GDPR imposes a set of rules to manufacturers, that define what types of analyzes can be carried out in a responsible manner."
The 5th edition of the Romanian Security Fair will bring face to face visitors and latest equipment and technology from various security areas: video surveillance; detection; fire extinguishing; monitoring alarm centers; cyber security; mechanical and electromechanical security systems; anti-burglary systems; access control systems; warning systems risk and safety accessories.
Over 50 companies in Romania and around the world will attend at Romanian Security Fair 2018, with over 2000 square meters available to present their technical equipment and IT solutions they produce or sell.


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