ROMANIAN SECURITY FAIR has been imposed throughout the three previous editions as the most relevant event of the Romanian security industry. This status will be confirmed this year as well by the participation of representative local and international players on the market of private security solutions and services, which will be present in the exhibition with the latest technologies in the field.

❶  Latest trends in private security

The pace of development and innovation of the security industry has accelerated considerably in recent years. It is difficult to keep up to date with the new technologies launched on the market, when you are face-to-face with the news invasion. But it is even more difficult to identify those really relevant to the field in which you activate. ROMANIAN SECURITY FAIR gives you the chance to inform you from the source about what's new in industry and to assess directly what are the real solutions on the local market.

❷  See next-generation solutions at work

Companies that expose their solutions within a large exhibition space of more than 10,000 sqm, ROMANIAN SECURITY FAIR gives you the chance to see the latest solutions and technologies at work. You can interact directly with exhibitors to understand the competitive advantages of new solutions and, more than that, to find out exactly how well they respond to the needs and requirements of your customers.

❸  Take advantage of your business opportunities

ROMANIAN SECURITY FAIR addresses not only professionals working in the field of private security but also to a wide range of beneficiaries, from critical infrastructure companies to "home consumers". The Fair gives you the perfect opportunity to identify and establish direct relationships with potential customers, simplifying the sales process.

❹  Build and strengthen business relationships

The participation of the most important Romanian and foreign companies on the local market of security services and solutions is not only a guarantee of the event’ quality but also the fact that at ROMANIAN SECURITY FAIR you will find powerful companies with which you can establish long-term partnerships and to relaunch existing ones.

❺  Take the pulse of competition

Within each edition of ROMANIAN SECURITY FAIR, exhibitors present their latest products and services to the local market. It is the optimal opportunity to find out directly what are the strengths of the competition and what is its offer. In a globalized market with a high dynamics of competition, you can not afford to ignore the competitors' initiatives!

At the moment, the accelerated adoption of mobile equipment and internet broadband make marketing, communication and collaboration happening exclusively in the online environment. I know many organizations that are doing business with companies in the Far East, for example, and they have not seen their partners and clients with whom they have been working for very long time. International fairs facilitate such meetings, and the Romanian Security Fair is the right place to meet with people face to face, something that is so rarely happening right now, said Liviu Mateescu, President of the Romanian Association for Security Technique (ARTS), the organizer of ROMANIAN SECURITY FAIR.

ROMANIAN SECURITY FAIR is the best way to capitalize the opportunities listed above, which has been confirmed during previous editions, where the fair gained the status of the most representative event of the private security industry.

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