Dear partners,

We have to inform you that the Romanian Security Fair 2020 is postponed for November of 2021. The contracts that have already been signed remain valid, and the future terms will be communicated.



ALARMA S.R.L., Romanian legal entity, based in Bucharest, Splaiul Independentei no. 319, OB 12, floor 1, district 6, registered at the Romanian Trade Register under no. J40 / 498/2006,  VAT  No.  RO  18288977,  legally  represented  by  Mr.  Horaţiu  Marinescu, as Manager,

concidering the following:

  • the Collaboration Contract between ALARMA S.R.L. and Romexpo S.A. which has as object the organization of the Romanian Security Fair 2020 between October 14-16, 2020;
  • the Application Contracts (F1-D1) between ALARMA S.R.L and the companies you represent, in order to participate at the Romanian Security Fair 2020 during October 14- 16, 2020;
  • the current economic and social context, dominated by the lack of predictability, as it was and is still generated by the Covid 19 pandemic, which is on an alarming upward trend in terms of the number of daily illnesses;
  • the fact that, at this moment, the legal possibility of organizing the Romanian Security Fair 2020 is at least uncertain;
  • the fact that, as a result of the surveys organized at the level of exhibitors and participants at RSF 2020, as well as the result of the point of views expressed by you, on the one hand there is a fear, that the exhibition will not be able to take place due to restrictions imposed by authorities, and, on the other hand that, even in the conditions in which the fair can be organized from a legal point of view, the restrictions to be imposed by the authorities will directly influence the achievement of the purpose of organizing the exhibition;
  • the fact that exhibitors and participants want to postpone the Romanian Security Fair 2020 for 2021,


We hereby inform you that the ALARMA SRL has requested and received the consent of Romexpo S.A. to postpone the organization of the Romanian Security Fair 2020 for the year 2021, at a date to be agreed.

We mention that the Board of ARTS decided to organize an online Expo-Conference between October 21-23, 2020. We will keep you informed of its organization.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation and remain



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